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Some of the Ruins in your region could still contain valuable Resources and Seeds for Fields and Orchards. In order to collect valuable things you have to send Expedition to them.

Expeditions can be prepared and launched at the Expedition Station, every destination on the map need to be explored by a Scout who will bring back detailed information about Ruins and unlocked them for future Expedition. Then Explorers can be sent out to collect resources and special objects from those locations.

Scouts are the workforce of the Expedition Station, when not exploring they produce Expedition Ration with Food and Water.


Ruins may reward you with:

  • various supplies for your stores (food, medicine, raw materials, etc)
  • Research utensils and/or Research points
  • Proficiency badges, as your explorers learn in the field
  • Additional surviving Settlers to join your colony
  • Side Tasks to perform
  • Completed technologies
  • Seeds
  • Unique Decorations

Once finished, the ruin itself may be marked for salvage, which lets a Scrapyard recycle it. Those ruins are marked with a green completion check-mark on the map.

Send an Expedition[]

Some ruins are labelled as "nothing special", with just a list of loot. You do not need Expedition Rations for these, just enough Settlers to carry all the items back.

You must individually specify which Settler you want to Send on an Expedition, when doing so you must meet certain criteria to improve your chances of success. On an Expedition you must complete operation points, each operation cost an Expedition Ration per Explorer, the more Explorers you bring the more expedition ration it will cost, make sure you take enough to complete the ruin exploration or you'll have to go back another time. 

The criteria are given by the information bring back by the Scout, in the configure expedition window if you match a criterion the corresponding icon will light in green. Criteria give you an Advantage to prospect certain operation points with success, at the Ruin every point will tell you which criteria is require to complete successfully. If you cannot meet all criteria you can leave some operation uncompleted for a future expedition at the same Location.


  • You might have to give specific tools to your Explorers, if Scrap Tool is required any Tool will satisfy the criteria but sometime only Metal Tools will be sufficient.
  • You can give radiation Protection to you Explorer, even if the expedition do not require it your Settler will travel across potentially radiation contaminated ground. Take a look at your map before choosing between Neckscarf, Activated Carbon Mask or Radiation Suit.

Settlers characteristic[]

  • Some Expeditions required Explorer of a particular age, it might be about one explorer or all of them.
  • Education of one or all Explorer can also be necessary.
  • Most Ruins require special qualification from Settlers, those are called Badges and are acquired with time spend in the same profession. Badge known to be require in some expeditions;

Expedition running[]

Each expedition Ruins has a number of areas. You typically need 1 Expedition Ration per Explorer to complete each of those areas.

Areas are roughly split into two different categories: access and storage. Completing an access location gives you access to more locations. Completing a storage areas gives you potential loot, or special rewards.

Each of those areas may require special equipment and/or settlers characteristics to complete. Your chances of completing an area are displayed in a bar called "confidence" which summarizes the likelihood of unlocking access or fully looting it.

Your expedition can be ended without fully completing the ruins, notably if you lack some of the Badges required for some areas or did not bring enough Expedition Rations. Any leftover Expedition Ration will be returned to the stores.

At the end of the expedition, you are offered a window to select how much of the loot you have found can be carried back to the main Settlements. If you have not completed the Ruins or have not fully looted it, you can send a subsequent expedition to finish the job.

List of expeditions[]

Not all expeditions are available on any given map.

Note: this section contains spoilers.

Some buildings come in multiple variants. The required badges and tools is usually enough to differentiate between each.

The number of required settlers got an expedition is indicative. The amount of supplies found varies depending on the distance from the center of the map.




  • 6pt/6settler expedition
  • Requires explorer badge + pubkeeper badge + scrap tools
  • Yields 1 settler + Wheat seed + side task for making beer

Cake Shop (shooting woman)[]

Cake Shop

Cake Shop

  • 3pt/1settler expedition
  • Requires 10 iodine pills
  • Yields free tech Cake, 2 settlers




  • 5pt/5settler expedition
  • Requires metal tools + scrapper badge + explorer badge + wellkeeper badge
  • Yields supplies

Clothing Store[]

  • 6pt/6 settler expedition
  • Requires researcher badge + explorer badge + scrap tools
  • Yields: One Knowledge inside, start side task for tailor's shop and making all types

Combine Harvester[]

Combine Harvester

Combine Harvester

  • 2pt/1settler expedition
  • Requires nothing
  • Yields Plum Seed

Construction Site[]

Construction Site

Construction Site

  • 4pt/6settler expedition
  • Requires metal tools + refiner badge
  • Yields Research Utensil, lots of supplies

Corner shop (flower paintings)[]

Corner Shop

Corner Shop

  • 3pt/5settler expedition
  • no requirements
  • Yields free tech Electronics, start quest chain which ask to research Wind Turbines, 1 settler, 1 Knowledge.



  • 3pt/2settler expedition
  • Requires technician badge + explorer badge
  • You can find Research Utensils here

Doctor's Office[]

Doctor Office

  • 7pt/5settler expedition
  • Requires metal tools + all educated + 1 adult/YA + medic badge + explorer badge + pubkeeper badge
  • Yields lots of medical and drink supplies



Variant 1 (flooded)

  • 3pt/2settler expedition
  • Requires technician badge
  • Yields free tech Fish Feed + Research Utensil

Variant 2 (deep)

  • 3pt/3settler expedition
  • Requires metal tools + 1 educated + gatherer badge + medic badge + technician badge
  • Yields Knowledge, gatherer's badges, 5 settlers, Decoration

Fast Food[]

Fast Food

  • 4pt/5settler expedition
  • Requires 1 educated + researcher badge + scrapper badge
  • Yields scrapper badges and supplies



  • 8pt/6settler expedition
  • Requires: metal tools + technician badge + educated settlers + no old settlers
  • Yields chance of Research Utensil, free Pipe System technology, technician's badges, scrapper's badges, and 1 Knowledge

Furniture Store[]

Yields Utensils

Gas Station (two buildings)[]

  • 3pt/2settler expedition
  • Requires a young settler + technician badge
  • Yields Research Utensil.

General Store[]

General Store

General Store 2.jpg

Variant 1 (image of skeleton on the back side of the building)

  • 10pt/6 settlers expedition
  • Requires scrap tools + explorer badge + technician badge + 1 educated settler
  • Yields Research Utensil



Variant 1 (dilapidated)

  • 2pt/1settler expedition
  • Requires scrap tools + farmer badge
  • Yields Random seed

Variant 2 ("variety of plants")

  • 2pt/2settler expedition
  • Requires gatherer badge + farmer badge
  • Yields Corn seed + Research Utensil chance



  • 6pt/5settler expedition
  • Requires technician badge + medic badge + scrapper badge + tailor badge
  • Yields Research Utensil + Knowledge

House (purple figure)[]


  • 3pt/2settler expedition
  • Requires metal tools + explorer badge
  • Yields Research Utensil + Knowledge + teacher's badges

Nuclear Power Plant[]

Nuclear Plant

  • 14-19pt/large expedition
  • Requires metal tools + radiation suits + 20 cloth + scrapper badge + technician badge + 1 educated + 1 adult/YA
  • Yields Research Utensil, 2 Knowledge, enormous amount of supplies

Military Base[]

Military Base

Variant 1

  • 10pt/6settler expedition
  • Requires: explorer badge + 5 rations + scrapper badge + technician badge + metal tools
  • Yields settlers, Research Utensil, Decoration

Variant 2

  • 7pt/6settler expedition
  • Requires metal tools + explorer badge + medic badge
  • Yields Research Utensil, Decoration, explorer's badges and scrapper's badges

Storage Depot Ruin (two sealed containers)[]

Storage Depot

  • 3pt/3settler expedition
  • Requires metal tools + charcoal badge
  • Yields supplies

Train Wreck (strong smell)[]

Train Station

  • 2pt/2settler expedition
  • Requires neck scarf + scrapper badge
  • Yields supplies